Join us in your area this year at…

March 12-15
Bair Foundation
Youngstown, Ohio

March 16-19
Gateway Worship Center
Akron, Ohio

April 17-20
CI Board of Governors
Nashville, Tennessee

June 11-13
U.S. Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
Atlanta, Ga.

June 14-17
Abundant Life Church
Erie, Pennsylvania

June 18-21
Bair Foundation
Youngstown, Ohio

September 10-13
Bair Foundation
Youngstown, Ohio

October 14-18
Christian International
International Gathering of Apostles & Prophets
Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

October 29-31
Federation of Ministers & Churches International
Dallas, Texas

November 5-8
International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
Dallas, Texas

November 10-13
Bair Foundation
Fort Myers, Florida